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Is a Poling Platform Worth It?

A growing number of fishermen are adding aluminum poling platforms to their boats. Convenient and practical, a poling platform increases your visibility by positioning you above the boat’s surface. It also allows you to push-pole your boat from an elevated platform when trolling and running the motor aren’t an option. 

But are poling platforms worth the hype (and the investment)? 

Short answer: it depends. 

Read on for what to keep in mind as you decide whether to buy a poling platform for your vessel, and tips for making the most of it if you do invest in one.

A Blue Coral Poling Platform on an Action Craft 17 Fly Fisher

What type of boat do you have?

Though we build and install them for bigger boats as well, most of the poling platforms we fabricate are for “flats” style fishing boats between 17-21 feet long. We custom build each one, for a guaranteed fit. 

Are you tired of push-poling from your boat’s surface?

If your boat is designed for shallow water fishing, but you rarely use it, push-poling from the boat surface might not bother you. If you’re enjoying your fishing trips without a poling platform, more power to you! Hold off on buying a poling platform.

But if you’re getting out there often enough, moving through the shallows without a poling platform is likely wearing you down. Poling platforms also offer a much better range of casting while fishing, and help you cast over your boat instead of through your boat. Push-poling your boat from an advantageous position can be a serious game-changer. 

Where on the boat would you install your poling platform?

We can make them for the bow of the boat or over the motor/stern. Next time you’re out on the water, consider which spot would suit you best for sight fishing visibility and easier push-poling positioning.

A Blue Coral Poling Platform on an Action Craft 17 Fly Fisher

Do you want your boat’s poling platform to be removable or permanent?

Either option is well within reach; at Blue Coral, we make both types. As you decide between a permanent or removable poling platform, consider how often you plan to use the platform, and your storage capacity.

How would you customize your poling platform?

We can even add up to 4 cupholders and up to 6 rod holders, fold-down foot rests, fold-down back rests, steps, navigational lights, and ski tows. For an added level of security, belly bands are an add-on option that allow you to lean forward or back with support.

Rust-proof and made to outlast the elements and the passage of time, our poling platforms are made of stainless steel and fiberglass.

Browse our selection of American-made, aluminum poling platforms, or reach out to us about customizing one today.

You can drop off your vessel and pick it back up, water-ready, from our location in Pensacola, Florida. Not local? We ship our products all over the continental United States.


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